Opening at Struts

ERI 6 opened up at Struts the evening of Kyle Whitehead and Super 8 Hotel screenings.

Second stop Struts, Sackville, NB

I drove the second leg of the trip on Tuesday afternoon, choosing to take the long route to stay closer to the shore. I had the windows down and could smell the Northumberland. I stopped for a picnic in River…


Tues, April 15/14 Hello from Halifax! Hope the weather is lovely in Sackville, it’s really warming up here. ARE YOU HAVING FUN? I hope so. – Liz

First stop, ASAP, Antigonish

I drove the first leg of the trip on Sunday morning, arriving in Antigonish, Nova Scotia to set ERI 6 up at ASAP. A generous group showed up to browse the work, and hang out. Following their perusal, we had…

Bon voyage!

We packed up the car and hada little opening of our new exhibition space at the Eyelevel office. A selection of work will be on view at the Eyelevel office while we’re on tour. Open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 1…

ERI Tour Itinerary

ERI 6 Tour: 13 April, 1pm at ASAP (Antigonish, NB) for a peer-to-peer discussion about alternative artist-run centre models 16/17 April at Struts (Sackville, NB), interviewing artist -in-residence, Kyle Whitehead and attending his screening. 22 April at This town is…

ERI 6 is coming

Want to know where we are going? Who we are showing? Those details will be announced soon

You still have time to submit

Deadline has been extended until March 14, 2014. ERI 6 will be travelling to different artist run centres within the Atlantic region this spring. Get your work on our shelves!


SEND US YOUR WORK IN DIGITAL FORMAT TO: EYELEVEL.MATTERS@GMAIL.COM ❏ A brief description of the work ❏ Sale price (if applicable, 70% of the sale goes to artist, 30% to Eyelevel Gallery) ❏ Artist bio and statement (1 page max.)…


What does ‘productivity’ mean in an art context? In an industrial context, the word refers to increased production with the goal of profit. How do we discuss productivity as artists—and other post-industrial workers? For those who do not work for…